FlashPass transforms any ordinary USB flash drive into a two-factor authentication device.

How it works

Every USB flash drive has a unique serial number that is burned into the hardware at production. FlashPass creates a unique digital fingerprint of a USB flash drive from the drive’s hardware ID and serial number.

Key Features

  • Works with all USB flash drives

    FlashPass does not require special USB flash drives. It works with all types of ordinary USB drives.
  • No software installation

    FlashPass does not require any software to be pre-installed on the user’s PC for web-based applications. The FlashPass real-time scanner is a small JavaApplet that is embedded in the user’s logon page, delivered in real-time to the user.
  • Transparent Authentication

    FlashPass provides device-level authentication through the same authorization process with which users are already familiar. Since FlashPass doesn’t alter the end-user experience, there’s no user interaction, learning curve or training required.
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