Mobile OOBAOut-of-Band Authentication (OOBA) is one of the most secure types of two-factor authentication, and Mobile Push is the easiet form of Out-of-Band Authentication. Mobile Push implements OOBA over mobile data networks. It is not only very secure, but also very easy to use – Authenticating with Mobile Push is as easy as pressing a button on your smart phone.

How it Works

Mobile Push requires users to install an authentication app, Deepnet MobileID, on their smart phones. When a user attempts to login to access a protected service, the DualShield server will push a login request to the user via the mobile data network. The Deepnet MobileID app on the user’s phone receives the login request and prompts user to accept or deny by simply pressing the button.

Optionally, for extra security, the user might be asked to enter their PIN or password to approve the login request.

Supported Devices

Mobile Push is currently supported in MobileID app for iPhone and Android. Windows Phone and Blackberry support is in development.

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