Outlook Anywhere lets your Microsoft Outlook clients connect to your Exchange servers over the Internet via HTTPS. It gives you a reliable, efficient way to access their Exchange services without the need to set up a virtual private network.

DualShield for Outlook Anywhere adds two-factor authentication to the Outlook logon process, with the full range of authentication methods and tokens that the DualShield platform offers. It is the only multi-factor authentication product in the market today that can protect Outlook Anywhere with two-factor authentication.

DualShield for Outlook Anywhere can be deployed in 2 ways, Zero-footprint and Add-on, depending on the requirements of the authentication methods.


In the zero-footprint deployment, Outlook users do not need to install any addtional software on their mahcines. On the Outlook logon window, users will simply enter their AD password followed by a one-time password, providing two-factor authentication.

The zero-footprint deployment only supports one-time password as the second factor authentication. However, it is zero-footprint therefore it is ideal for a large user base.


In the client-mode deployment, Outlook users are required to install a Outlook add-on module. The add-on enables Outlook to use all of authentication methods supported by the DualShield platform including machine fingerprint, one-demand password, out-of-band and biometrics.

The most popular authentication method is machine fingerprint which ensures that only those machines approved by the company are allowed to connect to the email system using Outlook Anywhere. Once a machine is registered and approved, the authentication process is automatic and hidden from the user.

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