Concerns about the ability to ensure security in a virtual environment often prevent organizations from expanding their use of virtual technologies as rapidly as they might like. By deploying secure, strong authentication, organizations can unlock the value of their investment in virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), leveraging the full capabilities of operating a virtual environment and effectively managing emerging security threats and compliance mandates.

DualShield unified authentication platform delivers multi-factor authentication solutions to all popular remote desktop (RDP) and virtual desktop interfaces (VDI).

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Microsoft Termial Service

DualShield for Terminal Service adds multi-factor authentication to the Terminal Services login process, requiring a user to authenticate with a second factor credential such as one-time password before access to the terminal server is allowed.
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VMWare Horizon View

DualShield adds multi-factor authentication to the VMWare Horizon View logon process via RADIUS or LDAP authentication protocol.
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Citrix XenDestop

DualShield adds multi-factor authentication to the Citrix XenDesktop logon process via the Citrix Web Interface or Citrix Access Gateway
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2X Application Server

DualShield authentication is natively integrated into the core of 2X Application server by 2X developers, providing strong two-factor authentication to all 2X products.
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